Apptimize at Apps World 2015 – How to Retain App Users


Last week, Apptimize was down at Moscone Center West in San Francisco for Apps World North America. It was a great event and we’re happy we got to spend some time talking with our customers as well as a bunch of new faces.

Apps World 2015

Apptimize CEO Nancy Hua joined other mobile industry leaders in a panel about How to Retain App Users, as they talked about the changing industry and how to find the right users, delight them, and uphold a strong reputation in the marketplaces.

“The key is being able to respond to the data from your customers as fast as possible. The big guys have an advantage to doing that because they have more resources to get around these barriers. But you can use technology to innovate a lot lot faster.” -Nancy Hua


As the app marketplaces become more and more saturated, we’re realizing that there is no one silver bullet for app improvement. Even very successful apps are getting quickly cloned and losing their advantages. “Unless they have a way of sustaining that innovation, then they’re also going to fall into the wayside,” stated Hua.

“Theres no one silver bullet there’s a lot of things you have to get perfectly right. you can only do that by listening to customers and responding to them as fast as possible.” – Nancy Hua

With each unique app comes differences in audience, market share, user perception, and a whole host of other factors that force each app to carve out its own space. There’s a genuine need to get your unique feedback from customers on your app, then implement them to see how customers react.

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