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There are some great product management resources out there, but when looking specifically for mobile product resources, you may find yourself a little hard pressed. That’s why we’ve specially curated the best content out there that every mobile product manager should know about to stay on top of the ever entropic mobile space.

Our goal here is to simply provide a reference guide to solutions to your challenges, relevant blogs and events, and keep you on top of what’s going on in the world of mobile product. Be sure to check back for more updates as the space grows :).

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Must Read Articles for Every Mobile Product Manager

Mobile Growth Stack v3

  • The Mobile Growth Stack by Andy Carvell of SoundCloudA PM at SoundCloud, Andy Carvell talks specifically about all the different components and issues to address in a mobile product. His now well-known depiction of the Mobile Growth Stack has been circulated all around the web for good reason. It’s a great holistic view of what it takes to achieve growth on mobile.
  • On Product Management by Intercom
    Recommended by many of the top influencers in the field, Intercom’s guide to product management is an in-depth and fascinating read on product management. They talk about everything from when NOT to build a feature, deciding features to build, building hooks, getting your features used, and still manage to keep it engaging and fun. A highly recommended read.
  • Mobile App Developers are Suffering by Alex Austin of Branch
    “It’s just too saturated. The barriers to adopting and therefore monetization are too high. It’s easier on the web,” said a friend of Austin. And he’s totally right. Growing a mobile product is seems like a herculean task these days. In his article, Austin breaks down the dismal state of the current app ecosystem, and what needs to be done
  • 11 Things Every Product Manager Needs to Know by Kendrick Wang of Apptimize
    Mobile Product Managers have a lot of unique challenges that don’t exist in any other PM field. In this comprehensive post, we go over the critical challenges that every MPM is going to face, as well as how top teams are overcoming them. Ranging from absolute basics to the bleeding edge, this is a must read for anyone in the field.
  • Why Mobile First May Already be Outdated by Intercom
    “What matters today is screens, not devices.” Intercom dives deep into the phrase “mobile first” and how the mobile strategies for any company need to evolve their thinking and approach when it comes to new channels.
  • Mobile Is Not a Neutral Platform by Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz
    Benedict Evans is well aware of the intense competition for mobile dominance. In this article he outlines the future to come and how Facebook, Google, Apple, and other giants are jostling for the top spot.
  • Lyft Goes Swift: How (And Why) It Rewrote Its App by Harry McCracken of Fast Company
    Should you write your iOS app in Swift? Lyft did. They rewrote their entire app and now are reaping the benefits. The question is: is Swift right for you?
  • New Data Shows Losing 80% of Mobile Users is Normal, and Why The Best Apps Do Better by Andrew Chen of Uber
    Andrew Chen, one of the most well known writers in the mobile field talks about a huge (and largely unaddressed) problem with mobile apps: what happens after the download. In his article he talks about why retaining mobile users is one of the most vital focal points.
  • Mobile App Startups Are Failing Like It’s 1999 by Andrew Chen of Uber
    In this article, Andrew Chen addresses an unspoken, lurking barrier for every mobile team: shipping app updates. Due to the app store we’re unable to use all the agile techniques that allow us to fully harness analytics and customer feedback to grow our apps like we do our businesses.
  • An Introduction to Mobile Product Management by Apptentive
    An excellent resource for those just starting to move into the mobile product field. Apptentive’s Introductory Guide goes through the basic questions and challenges any business will face when creating a mobile product. They cover key differences between mobile and web, whether to use in house or outsourced development, KPIs, and managing the product.

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Blogs You Should Follow

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Conferences + Events

  • Habit Summit (March 22, 2016 at Stanford University, CA) “Join entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry insiders to learn how to build more engaging products and services. Dive into consumer psychology, design, and behavioral science to develop products that stick. This event is for product designers, executives, and marketers: those who need to understand what makes customers tick.” Personally, I’m really looking forward to this one. Nir has a refreshingly different take on product design and I consume his content voraciously.
  • Manifesto SF (March 2016 in San Francisco, CA) “An event for product thinkers, designers, and makers.” I attended this event a few months back and came back with some great new connections and ideas. The highlights of the event were discussing growth hacking with Andrew Chen, Anna Blaylock sharing an enthralling story about testing Netflix’s landing pages, and insight into Slack’s product growth from Kenneth Burger.
  • Mobile Apps Unlocked (May 4-5, 2016 Las Vegas, NV + July 2016 in New York City ) “The Summit for Master App Acquisition and Retention.” Hosted by, Mobile Apps Unlocked is all about acquisition and retention, sharing actionable content with the community. This year, they’ll be concentrating on retention case studies, deep linking, and customer acquisition channels.
  • Growth Marketing Conference (Dec 3-4, 2015 in San Francisco CA) A conference about innovation and growth, this conference has rounded up a range of great speakers including Rand Fishkin, Hiten Shah, and Sean Ellis to talk about how to achieve that exponential growth we’re all looking for. While it may not be focused on product management, they have some great talks such as monetization and retention techniques and building off other platforms for growth.
  • Mind the Product (TBD 2016 in San Francisco, CA) “The conference for passionate product people.” One of the largest gatherings of mobile product managers in the United States, Mind the Product seeks to bring together the PM community to learn from industry leaders and mingle with others dedicated to the craft. Previous speakers include Nir Eyal and Des Traynor (Co-founder of Intercom).
  • Product Camp (Various around the World) Product Camp is a free, user-driven, collaborative “unconference” for Product Managers and Marketers that occur in various locations around the world. These all day events are focused on both learning and sharing, with all attendees sharing, learning, teaching, and contributing to discussions around different sessions.
  • Lean Startup (Fall 2016 in San Francisco, CA)The Lean Startup Conference, a gathering for entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders from across sectors and structures. Here, it’s all about agile and validation before heavy investment, which is something most of us could learn to do better. The conference has a wide swath of talks including analytics, running experiments, venture capital, building communities, and product development.
  • Industry (Sept 15-16, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio) Industry is a “conference for people who build, launch, and scale world class products.” The two day event includes masterclasses, workshops, and meetups all designed for product people. Past speakers include Nir Eyal, the head of product at Uber, and Trevor Owens, the author of Lean Enterprise.
  • Traction (TBD October 2016 in San Francisco) A conference about growth, distribution, building products that people love. Taking a more holistic view, Traction is all about building products and companies that succeed from the ground up, whether that’s building a team, making product decisions, distribution channels, or cross/up-selling. Past speakers include C-Suite executives of all types from Slack, Zenefits, MongoDB, Shazam, Evernote, and Surveymonkey.
  • Mobile Innovation Summit (August 15-17 in Chicago, IL) A mobile-first conference for the retail and restaurant space. Mobile Innovation Summit is all about how companies can best improve their strategies to take advantage of mobile technologies such as secure payments, analytics, creating hooks, and the whole shabang. Past speakers include teams from Chipotle, HotelTonight, Regal, Waze, Pizza Hut, Walgreens, United, and many more.
  • LTR by Appboy (TBD Fall 2016 in New York City) A mobile conference focused on long term relationships (hence the name LTR). While it’s slightly more geared toward mobile marketers, the event talks mobile product, strategy, and engagement + retention strategies.



  • Products That Count– PTC is a “forum for product makers, data-minded thinkers and innovators rich of 7000+ tech professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.” One of the most active product-focused groups in the Bay Area, Products That Count. Not only do they put out a great weekly newsletter on the best product articles, but they host regular meetups in the city featuring speakers from Lyft, Slack, GrowthHackers, TiVo, and many more.Locations: San Francisco, CA
  • ProductTank – “Meetups for product people, by product people.” With product meetups spanning across the entire globe, Product tank is an informal meetup focused on bringing together the local product community in each city.Locations: Global (See website for details)
  • Designers + Geeks – “Designers + Geeks is a community for people interested in design, art, and technology.” The team hosts monthly events focused mainly on the intersection of design and technology.Locations: San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY
  • Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) – Going 15 years strong, SVPMA is “an organization that was founded to address the needs of Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and others in the Product Management Field.” They host monthly meetings, workshops, and other events focused the day-to-day issues, career development, and emerging issues that PMs face today.Locations: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Mobile Growth Hackers – Hosted by the good folks at Branch, Mobile Growth Hackers is a group of mobile developers, startups, and marketers interested in growing apps. Topics range from organic growth hacking, paid installs, deep linking, and referral systems. Having gone to quite a number of these myself, I find the community quite warming and the talks always interesting.Locations: San Diego, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Austin, Singapore, Boston, New York, Seattle, Detroit, Pune
  • Lean Product & Lean UX Meetup Silicon Valley – “This group is for people interested in applying Lean Startup, Lean UX, and Agile principles to design and develop products that customers love.” The meetup is all about learning and applying the latest tools and techniques to deliver great products.Locations: Silicon Valley
  • Mobile On Tap– Mobile on Tap’s goal is to give members a chance to learn from leading mobile teams, ask questions, and of course, network with others. Located in Chicago, IL, they regularly host meetups at speakers’ headquarters for an inside look at how the companies have grown.Locations: Chicago, IL

Got any more resources that I should add to this list? Shoot me an email at kendrick (at) apptimize (dot) com and let me know!

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