Apptimize Launches Java SDK for Server-Side A/B Testing

Scott Ings

Product and engineering teams can now choose from the top four mobile backend technologies with the addition of our Java SDK

We are excited to announce that we have made a substantial addition to Apptimize Cross-Platform with the release of our Java SDK for server-side A/B testing. With this release, Apptimize now supports testing across all four of the most popular mobile backend technologies: Node.js, Java, and Python.

Enabling server-side A/B testing is a core component of Apptimize Cross-Platform. Here are some quick examples of how our server-side SDKs are allowing Apptimize’s customers to dramatically improve the impact of their mobile testing initiatives:

1) Ensuring Consumers See Consistent Pricing on All Channels

Our customers are often A/B testing on different pricing, promotions, and subscription upgrade options on their mobile apps. Mobile experiments have historically allowed them to measure the impact of different prices, but what happens if an end-user sees one version of the price on mobile and a different one on web? At best, it just adds noise to the experiment results, and in the worst case, consumers can feel cheated or manipulated.

With Apptimize Cross-Platform, our customers can create platform-agnostic experiments that ensure a given identified user will have the same experience on any device. Apptimize provides the flexibility for customers to either set up the experiment on each client-side platform or to use the Java SDK (or other available server-side SDKs) to have a single source of truth for key data like price on the backend.

2) Measuring the Total Impact of Mobile Initiatives – Incorporating In-Store Sales

Our e-commerce customers are constantly running experiments to drive users towards mobile purchases, which continue to rapidly grow. With the release of our JavaScript Web SDK, they were able to also understand what impact these mobile changes might have had on online purchases from the same users. Now, the addition of our server-side SDKs, retailers can also incorporate offline sales for closed-loop attribution. A retailer might not see an increase in in-app purchases from changes on their mobile app, but may see a conversion in-store. Or maybe mobile sales are up but mobile is just stealing the equivalent share from the web. With a true cross-platform solution like Apptimize, e-commerce companies are able to get clarity on the whole picture.

3) Improving Recommendation Algorithms

As the demand for personally curated content becomes commonplace, nearly all of our customers are thinking about incorporating personalization and recommendation algorithms–whether it’s media companies looking to provide the most relevant ads and content or food delivery services looking to recommend specific restaurants or dishes. In order to rapidly iterate on these algorithms, it’s critical to have an experimentation platform that includes robust functionality on both the server and client-sides. Controlling these algorithm experiments at the server with the Apptimize Java SDK means iteration and innovation can happen in real-time with no dependencies on the lengthy app update process. Having the client-side SDKs on web and mobile to capture data means our customers can understand the detailed impact that these server-side changes have on user behavior.

Want to learn more about our Java SDK? Try it out today or schedule a demo.

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